We give expert input on how to best develop a new existing landscape to meet the needs of the site, client and nature.



Craft a master plan to realize your vision according to the needs of the environment, site and your lifestyle.



Every step of the landscape construction process is closely managed to ensure outstanding quality.


We help you define and cultivate your outdoor living experience.





We consider existing contours and aim to minimize grading while channeling your water for optimal flow. 




Rain Gardens

Manage and utilize storm water by collecting and allowing it to percolate into the ground, restoring the water mantel and slowing down the water flow and water pollution. 






Adding or relocating mature trees in your landscape increases value and gives an instant result.  





We ensure your type of irrigation system is efficient and water smart, we develop a program and schedule to prevent over-watering your lawns, trees and shrubs.  







Create the spaces that allow you to live outdoors comfortably and safely: paths, patios, terraces, decks, arbors and pergolas.





Being the hub of your outdoor living experience, patios create a space for togetherness or provide restful, insightful relaxation. Shape, location and materials are all considered to maximize these benefits.



 Water features

Water energizes through sound and movement, allows for self-reflection  through stillness, and serves as an ideal focal point.


The pond Landscape Symphonies designed and installed ahs become the foal point of our building. Everyone who enters stops by the pond first and just admires how beautiful it is. The finished product exceeded our expectations by far. If I had enough yard space, I’d have this company install one at home.“

- David B. in Sacramento, CA 




 Art in the landscape

The art we admire reflects what we value & who we are and adds a personal custom touch to your landscape experience.





Fire elements

These bring warmth, energy and life to your landscape, encouraging personal interactions and those special outdoor experiences.







Integrate your outdoor spaces into nature with the finishing touch of plants that ensure an ecological landscape, encourage sensory experiences through color, fragrance, sound, movement, shade, flow as well as  define the spaces and provide protection.





Our backyard looks like something that would grace a building much grander than our little house. I can’t wait for my first BBQ to show it off!

Ron F. in Dixon, CA